Why Diffyweb?

Because doing it yourself is overrated.

Time is money. Especially your time. You’ve got a business to run. Sure there are lots of do-it-yourself website solutions. Many of them are wonderful products, and definitely inexpensive. But what our (super intelligent) clients have discovered is that they spent a TON more time trying to do it themselves than they should have been. Using website building software can be overwhelming, frustrating, and regardless, takes time to learn all the intricacies of the system – then they’ll change it on you in an instant (maybe just to mess with you, maybe not). Spend your time where it matters most – growing your business.

Expert Experience. Working with Diffyweb is like having your own in-house web team. We are experts in our field. There are lots of people out there that have “experience” building websites. Few of them have expert knowledge on building websites the right way. There is no need to spend hours scouring technical self-help information online that is guaranteed to leave you paralyzed.

Affordable, always available support. We are here to answer questions and offer advice. Traditionally, you’d spend thousands of dollars to get your website designed, developed, and launched. You’d experience pressure to provide your “final” content. Then, after months of back and forth to get your website built in the first place, you’ll notice something that needs to be changed. Then it comes, the massively expensive hourly rate invoice to make a simple update to your site (because you know, a one-hour minimum for a five-minute fix certainly seems fair, right?)

Always improving. Always current. Diffyweb believes in “never done” – your website is never done. There will always be something that needs to be updated. From posting photos of your latest completed project, to creating a new homepage graphic, to adding a new service, or adding employee bio (hey, congrats new awesome team member and on your growth!) – it’s all included. Simply make the request, we’ll jump on it ASAP and make the change without taking down your entire website. And your website will always remain current and relevant.

Our guarantee. It seems like a given, but surprisingly, most web companies don’t guarantee their work. We do. We guarantee that you’ll be so happy with Diffyweb, that if you’re not within 60 days, just tell us, and if we can’t fix it – which we normally can (and do) – then we’ll give you your money back (all of it!), no hassles. That’s just good business.

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